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alucinor_dream's Journal

Hi guys!

Erm, well I'm alucinor-dream. Alucinor means dream in Latin (or at least I think it does - that's gunna be embaracing if it doesn't). I'm always off in my own little world, dreaming about random stories so I thought this was quite a good name for me.

I'm an 18 year old Brit who is obsessed by fantasy books and films and of course fanfiction. I'll be heading off to University later this year to do Drama, but at the moment I'm also doing Maths and English Lit (but to be honest, I've actually read a lot of fanfic that I think is much better than some of the texts I've had to study *cough-Dracula-cough*).

Sorted into Gryffindor at Pottermore, although I've always thought I'm more Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff - but then we each have a bit of every house in us don't we?

Current Obsessions include:
- Slash (in general)
- Harry Potter
- The Big Bang Theory
- Lord of the Rings
- SPARTACUS (has literaly taken over my life right now)
- A Game of Thrones
- Merlin
- Skins (UK version)
- Teahouse Webcomic
- Starfighter Webcomic
- Strays Webcomic
- Countless YA book series about vampires that I've been reading since my early teens
(although my fangirlish tendencies for these have, I'm glad to say, subsided)
- The Enemy Series by Charlie Higson
- Gone Series by Michael Grant

I love anything and everything to do with Harry Potter! I'm a slash fan - namely of Harry/Draco - but will give anything a go.

At the mo I have a thing for 8th year fics. I'm planning out one of these right now and will probably start writing it once exam stress is over. I also love fics that are set in Hogwarts. For me, the school is one of the best parts of the HP universe and so you should probably expect a lot of Hogwarts Era, teacher and parent fics. However, like I said before, I'll give anything a go!

Sorry in advance for the long waits between fics/chapters *hides face in shame* ;)

Expect lots of recs on here, because I love nothing more than talking about stuff I've enjoyed reading.

I also waste way too much time making random things on Photoshop...

Feel free to friend me!

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!